Slot Machine Tooling


When people think of slot, they probably picture the arcade games favored by characters like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation. But the truth is that slots drive the gambling industry, making up more than 85 percent of its profits. The machines are also becoming more popular with players, who have a strong belief that they are programmed to pay out winning combinations at random. This myth is fueled by the fact that casinos don’t want to kill their golden goose by raising prices too high, as it will make the games unattractive to players who have learned to detect hidden price increases.

The fact that slots are so lucrative to the casino business makes them a target for government regulation and the attention of moralists, clergymen and lawyers. In addition, they are often seen as a source of gambling addiction, and are subject to the same laws as other forms of gambling. The advent of digital technology has enabled manufacturers to create more interactive and engaging games, which have led to a boom in the slot market.

When machining a slot, the goal is to leave an adequate amount of space for chip evacuation without causing cutting vibrations or heat buildup on the workpiece. This is accomplished by using a coolant or lubricant flush or special tooling with fine chips that break off easily. The other method is to plunge the entire slot, which can be done with a boring bar or a cutter with a chip breaker, but this is not as productive and generally requires more tooling.