Slot Receivers


Generally, a Slot receiver is smaller than an outside wide receiver. They have to run faster and be more agile. A Slot receiver will also have to be able to block for running plays. They are also a big decoy for future passes.

Slot receivers typically line up slightly in the backfield, giving them more room to run routes. They are also called into the pre-snap motion, giving the quarterback a read on the defense. A Slot receiver will often chip outside linebackers and safeties.

Slot receivers are especially important on outside running plays. They slot demo will also chip defensive ends. Having a Slot receiver on the outside can allow a quarterback to stretch the defense vertically. Some players, like Branden Cooks, can stretch the defense by running pure speed.

Slot receivers are also more effective in the catch and run game. They will often have their eyes blocked by defenders, so they need to have great hands. This will make it easier for them to absorb contact. They will need to be quick and agile to be able to block for running plays.

Slot receivers will usually run shorter routes on the route tree. They will also need to chip defensive ends and safeties. This will allow them to run slants and quick outs. Their speed will also help them avoid the best tacklers.

Slot receivers will also need to be able to absorb contact. Their position is crucial to the blocking game. This makes them more important than an outside receiver.